Karl Mohr | Sound Designer, Composer, Producer

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Sonic Surgeon/Audio Architect

Professionally-speaking, Karl Mohr is a top-class sound designer for film, primarily designing special sound effects creations for the giant IMAX screen. Winning awards as part of the Thillaye Productions team since 1997, his work has been focused on the creation of yet-unheard or unhearable non-real sounds, hyperrealism, organic evolving textures, special sonic accents and the emotional/symbolic implications of acoustic spaces. Of course, he has also done his share of meat and potatoes sound editing, music editing and audio restoration. He is a member of the Director's Guild of Canada and SOCAN. Explore Karl Mohr's professional pursuits at Multibeat Creative.

Music Projects

In parallel with his sound design imagination, as a composer, songwriter and music producer, Mohr's output has been a wild ride. The period 1987-2010 featured releases under many artist names, including: Karl Mohr Audio-Yo, Blue Visions, Droid Charge and Dead Red Velvet, as well as many side-projects, collaborations and remixes. His currently active music projects are detailed at his new record label Tape Life Records.


Karl Mohr can be reached through Multibeat Creative and Tape Life Records.